"If I told you a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it?" 

"Be like the flower that gives it's fragrance to even the hand that crushes it."

"Bein' humble don't work as well as bein' aware"

"I am still learning."

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Get To Know Me Tag

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Name: Jaspreet Natt

Birthday: September 17

Favorite Color: Blue

Lucky Number: 13

Height: 5’6

Talents: I dabble 

Last Dream You Remember: Walking in the rain to my cousins house with a hoodie on. 

Can You Juggle: sorta

Art/Sport/Both: Both 

Do you like writing: Yes

Do you like singing: Yes but I wish I could actually sing.

Do you like dancing: I love it!

Dream Vacation: Anywhere with the right people.

Dream Guy/Girl: Strong family/cultural values, can make me laugh, in control, thoughtful. 

Dream Wedding: Destination wedding in Dubai

Dream Pet: Tiger 

Dream Job: would involve traveling a lot 

Favorite Album: Too many 

Least Favorite Song: anything thats super pop sounding. 

Least Favorite Album: Don’t really have one.

Least Favorite Artist: Don’t really have one.

Hair Color: Black/Brown/Red

Eye Color: Brown

Humorous/Serious: Depends

Taller/Shorter: Taller

Biggest Turn Off: arrogance, crude humour

Biggest Turn On: smell good, confident, manly 

“ You are a mystery
to me, yet so familiar.
Like a song I’ve never
heard before, and a
tune I’ve known
my entire life. ”

—    Pavana पवन (via maza-dohta)

(via sans-maps)

“ I am not superwoman. My mother is not superwoman. My mother’s mother is not superwoman. I am, we are, soft. Can shatter. Crumble in your hands. Our survival does not mean we prosper. We are like other women but unlike them. So do not tell us we can handle anything. We only seem like superwoman, a figment of your imagination, because you have forced our lives to be perpetual labor with only seconds of relief. If we carry the world on our shoulders and the children on our backs, what are we but your glorified mules slapped with guilt praises of perseverance and strength. Our bones and our blood and our sweat have built the wealth of nations. Our burial should not be the first time we rest. ”

—    Yasmin Mohamed Yonis (via ethiopienne)

(via sans-maps)

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